Pressure Washing Windows

July 26th, 2017

Can you pressure wash your windows? Its possible says DIY Network. You don’t have to worry about going up to your window with a bucket and a cloth to clean those windows. Maybe your windows might be a little to high to reach? Well there are a few steps that you could follow to see Read More

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How do I clean clogged nozzles?

July 21st, 2017

Here is how you can clean a clogged nozzle: 1. Always disconnect your spray wand from the gun before cleaning your nozzles! 2. Clear the nozzle with a small rigid piece of wire such as a paper clip. 3. Flush the nozzle backwards with water. 4. Reconnect the wand to the gun 5. Restart the Read More

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Using a Pressure Washer Efficiently

July 11th, 2017

Take a look at these tips on Using a Pressure Washer correctly and efficiently on The steps include using the right nozzle for the job, the correct operating procedures, the right detergents and more!

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5 Rules to Pressure Washing Your Home

July 3rd, 2017

Summer is a great time to pressure wash your home. You’ve got the chance to really see areas in need of extra cleaning, identify problem areas where mold or mildew may have taken hold, and sunny, dry days will allow for the areas you’ve washed to dry thoroughly. 1. Removing Surface Grime Pressure washing is Read More

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