Nine ways to Save water in South Africa

September 28th, 2017

1. Watering the Garden Use a drip irrigation system instead of a hose or sprinkler to water your garden. If you don’t have access to one, then have your garden watered by hand with a misting setting on the hose end, this can reduce your water usage by half compared to sprinklers. Longer grass keeps Read More

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September 15th, 2017

All Pump Services supply’s a list of pressure cleaners. You may be wondering what these products are. Here is a comprehensive outline of our products and what to use them for. SINGLE PHASES VS. THREE PHASED MACHINES Single Phase Diesel/Petrol cold water machines: A “single phase” runs on a single phase power supply. This machine Read More

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September 8th, 2017

Have you ever run out of cleaning products but don’t have time to pop over to the store to purchase more? Have you noticed how expensive cleaning products are? Are you sick and tired of how much it costs to constantly buy new cleaning products? Are you suffering from the effects of the chemicals cleaning Read More

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