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How to Clean Indoor Bath and Shower Tile With a Pressure Washer

Bathtub and shower tile and grout can get notoriously dirty. Then again, dirty isn’t even the right word, since mere dirt is preferable to the slimy, moldy debris or the bulletproof soap scum that accumulates on tile if it goes too long between cleanings.

If you have ever power washed your driveway or walkway, you may have looked over at the house and wondered whether you can transfer operations indoors to the bathroom: Is it possible to use the same massive water power that you use to blast away moss, dirt, and oil from the driveway on indoor bathroom wall tile? The answer is yes. You can harness your pressure washer’s intense water jet and apply it to indoor tile, and it can clean better than steam cleaning. But the trick to preventing a mess—and potential tile damage—is to do it right.

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