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Can a steam cleaner kill the coronavirus? Here’s what you need to know to stop the spread of germs

Keeping our family and selves safe from coronavirus is our number one priority when it comes to cleaning. But could a handheld steam cleaner be the answer to cleaning our ...
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How to clean a deck

Deck greasy and dirty? Growing moss or algae? We’ve got the strategy for getting it clean and safe once more. It’s really no wonder if your deck looks like it’s ...
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How to wash a car twice as well in half the time

Washing the car takes time and effort, so it’s little wonder why so many motorists decide to visit a car wash or use a valet service. But, if you're looking ...
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How to clean stainless steel

Have you noticed your stainless steel accessories and appliances look dull and dirty? If dirty finger prints and cooking splashes are spoiling the finish of your kitchen, it's time to ...
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How do pressure washers work

You've tried water. You've tried soap. You've tried scrubbing and scouring. You've tried nasty chemicals that don't do what they say. So what do you do when it won't come ...
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Sofa Cleaning Tips: How To Clean Sofa Fabric Naturally At Home

It is obvious that a sofa will get dirty within a few days of placing it in your living room. Chip crumbs in the cracks and spilling drinks can make the ...
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How To Use A Pressure Washer To Remove Graffiti

Let’s be real.  Graffiti is an art.  I’m not disputing that.  But in most cases, from what we see everyday in our communities, graffiti is vandalism.  Why do I call ...
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20 Chores You Only Have to Tackle Once This Year

We all aspire to a tidy home, but sticking to a regular cleaning routine can be challenging. While some areas demand constant attention—think kitchen counters—others will be fine with just ...
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