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How To Use A Pressure Washer To Remove Graffiti

Let’s be real.  Graffiti is an art.  I’m not disputing that.  But in most cases, from what we see everyday in our communities, graffiti is vandalism.  Why do I call it that? Because I bet most graffiti artists tag some building wall or surface without first asking for permission to do so.  How inconsiderate, disrespectful and ILLEGAL!

Fortunately, we have ways to remove undesired graffiti from our sight.  We can even do this without calling professional cleaners. I think the fastest way to clean graffiti is with a pressure washer.  You first apply a graffiti removal product on the vandalized area. Then you spray and rinse the surface with pressurized water. Cover large areas or reach high places that have been graffitied with ease.  You’ll save money and time by using a pressure washer for the job.

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